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March 23, 2007
XPV Racing Hasn't Missed A Beat In Pre-Season Testing!

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – 23rd  of March, 2007 –  One of the big questions going into the 2007 U.I.M. F1 World Championship tour is if the XPV Racing Team was a “one year wonder” in 2006, or whether they are for real and ready to take it to another plateau and become real players for the battle in this season’s championship?

This Aussie Team based out of Scarborough, Queensland, Australia is taking advantage of their summer weather testing at full steam trying to improve on their 3rd place finish in the team championship gaining 52 points behind the pair of brothers of Bob and David Trask.

“This effort has been the strongest and most positive off-season we’ve ever had,” said Bob. “We have fitted two of our boats with the new regulation crash boxes and have made great strides in making them comfortable to drive and we are now shipping them to Europe as we speak. A new GTR boat has just come out of the mold and we expect to see this appear on the tour at the season’s 3rd event at the Grand Prix of Greece.”

The XPV Racing effort enters it’s 5th full season in 2007 after raising a lot of eyebrows as the 36 year-old David Trask took 5th in the overall championship hi-lited with a 3rd place finish at the Grand Prix of China, while brother Bob starting his 4th season was 7th in points and had a nice 5th place finish at the Grand Prix of Qatar to start last seasons campaign.

“The team is back and intact and we’ve added a few new members,” stated Bob. “We have Team Manager Troy Wood once again running the ship and we will get ready for the season’s start with the race at Lake Budgewoi in Toukley, New South Wales on the 15th of April at the Australian Superboat Championship to get some of the kinks out.”

The tight knit team is famous for having the first brother team in U.I.M. F1 and emulates the famous Seebold family in America that has featured three generations of racers including Tim along with brother Michael who has won in F1 and last raced on the tour in 2002.

“Yeah, I guess you could say we are like them,” said Bob. “But we are truly brothers working side by side trying to both have fun and success at the same time in this sport. We work hard both in our business and our racing and expect success in each. It’s a great feeling watching this team having more success year after year and we want this trend to continue with more podiums this upcoming season as well.”

So, while most of the world is just now getting over a long winter season with snow finally starting to melt away leading into a spring season, the members of the XPV Racing squad are eyeing to head north for the 5th year looking towards a 2nd summer season, in hopes of a real run at the U.I.M. F1 World Championship for power boating.

It all starts at the Grand Prix of Portugal on the Algarve coast on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May in the city of Portimao. Bur first, the folks of the XPV Racing team must travel the 15,052 kilometers (9408 miles) to the race. After they accomplish this feat, it only gets easier for this exciting Australian show! Stay tuned.