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Union Internationale Motonautique


December 10, 2010

SHARJAH, Friday December 10, 2010 - After struggling in the early season with engine problems, Germany’s Stefan Hagin appeared to come good as he built up a healthy lead on the Khaled Lagoon, Sharjah.

His Molgarrd hull left the grid like a rocket and was soon building up a healthy lead. Abu Dhabi’s Majed Al Mansoori was chasing hard together with Xiong Ziwei of Team China. Team Azerbajain’s Bimba Sjoholm held 4th place with champion Oskar Samuelsson in 5th Things changed dramatically when the Qatar boat broke on the racing line and the pace boat appeared.

Al Mansoori had already been penalized a lap for not maintaining his line at the start and Sjoholm’s engine went into safety mode for 3 laps losing her valuable places. In the meantime Hagin was dropping back with lack of power and Samuelsson charged through to take a valuable victory with Mad Croc Filip Roms in the runner-up berth ahead of Hagin with Ziwei taking 4th place. David Del Pin, Al Mansoori, Sjoholm and Munthe-Kass rounded off the finishers.